Bermuda 1609

About 1609

1609…from cahows and wild pigs to fine international cuisine!


On 2 June 1609, the Sea Venture set sail on her maiden voyage from England carrying 150 settlers and crew, bound for new horizons and new lives in Jamestown, Virginia. She was the flagship of a seven-ship fleet and, as Englandʼs first purpose designed emigrant ship, she set new trends for her day. With her guns placed on her main decks, her hold was laid out for passengers, a remarkable new arrangement.

But caught in a strong storm, the Sea Venture was wrecked on the reefs of Bermuda on 25 July. All souls survived and found themselves on a naturally beautiful island surrounded by exquisite coloured seas. So came the settlement of Bermuda and new beginnings for the Island.


Honouring the past


Hamilton Princess & Beach Club honours this most important year in Bermudaʼs history and the Sea Venture by naming its new bar and restaurant 1609. It follows that 1609 is part of a new beginning for Bermudaʼs most iconic hotel. With major renovations and improvements, including a new 66 berth marina and infinity pool, the Fairmont Hamilton Princess is poised to become a truly magnificent destination for both business and leisure travellers.

With 1609 Bar and Restaurant occupying a spectacular setting on the edge of Hamilton Harbour, itʼs not hard to imagine how the first settlers felt when they experienced Bermudaʼs incredible beauty. They must have thought it truly a magnificent destination, much like our guests will feel when they visit our hotel.


Changed Times


While Bermuda, known as the Isle of Devils, seemed unwelcoming to its first visitors due to its treacherous reefs, sometimes stormy weather and loud wildlife, todayʼs guests at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess will be greeted by facilities and standards of service that appear heaven sent.

And unlike those first visitors who dined on the indigenous cahows and wild pigs that had swum ashore from shipwrecks, guests at the hotelʼs restaurants can expect outstanding international cuisine and service in the most elegant of settings.